MSRT'2020 is postponed to a later date (24-25 june 2020)

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First National Conference on Materials Sciences: From Research to Teaching MSRT'2020

The First National Conference on Materials Sciences: From Research to Teaching “MSRT’2020” will be organized by the exact sciences department, Higher School of Education, Oran “Ecole Normale Supérieure d’Oran” on June 24-25, 2020. This conference has two shutters: Research in materials sciences and the exploitation of research results to enhance their teaching. The “MSRT’2020” initiative will provide a common platform for the researchers from different disciplines (physics , chemistry, mathematics, computing science,..) to share their recent works covering interdisciplinary topics, which show the applicability of these disciplines to solve problems in materials sciences.  Therefore, the employment of computational methods and experimental techniques in the materials sciences field allows discovering new materials, investigating and developing the existing one. The advance in materials sciences leads and requires the evolution of teaching methods. Updating the teaching program and adopting of efficient and effective practice in training will provide a  better understanding of basic concepts in materials sciences.  So, this scientific event  aims to bring together researchers in materials sciences and didactics to discuss the exploitation of research results to improve the teaching / learning practices in theses sciences at higher education.


1.Materials elaboration and characterization.

2.Nanotechnology and Nano biotechnology.

3.Modeling, analysis and computations in materials sciences.

4.Impact pedagogies in materials sciences teaching.

5.Innovative strategies for materials sciences education.

6.Physics and chemistry didactics.

7.Mathematics didactics.

8.Computing education.

Honor Committee

  • Dr. Djelloul  Rahiel           (Director of ENS Oran)
  • Pr.  Djilali El Mestari            (Director of  CRASC)


  •  Dr. Fadila Larbi  (ENS Oran)

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